Tuesday, March 29, 2011

CAA 2011, NYC

The 2011 College Art Association Conference is now little more than a blur... The first few days were actually quite lame, even the directors and representatives who were in the many booths commented on the lack of attendance from college recruiters/employers in the first few days. It was great to be back in NYC, we hit up Chelsea and went many different galleries; I took interest in new work by multimedia artists and unfortunately for now I can not recall names, perhaps I'll look some up later. I was really happy and interested in seeing Optima projectors being put to use and combined with installations and sculpture. Seulgi was out to find all of the Korean galleries and so I was introduced to Doosan, which had great artist work on display such as Buhm Hong. The first day at CAA was almost like everyone was too cool to show up, I remember getting there early thinking that no one in NYC was going to be there before 11AM but then time passed on and no one was there for most of the day; the second evening was not much better. Everyone was out looking for jobs with resumes in hand, I put a few applications in and received a some responses but I do not qualify due to my first year status. Paul is now covering for Keith while he is out on sabbatical, we have a collaboration project going on with the Peck School of Music in Milwaukee, we are reproducing the scores from their students and creating original music scores of our own that will then be performed and recorded by the participating musicians. (I am really excited about this.) John just sent in an application to cover for Elizabeth Dove while she takes a year off, hopefully he gets it, I can't imagine anyone else that would have such great references and skill. Charlie Cohan is visiting the Glass department from the University of Hawaii... I've been helping Moe with the idea of fusing glass and printing with silkscreen so I was informed of his artist visit, we spoke and I showed him around... he will be speaking in our advanced printmaking class tomorrow. The graduate executive board is doing really well, we hosted a luncheon for graduate students and are really trying to get together and push for interdisciplinary collaborations. I am interested in doing a print exchange with Charlie and the glass department, we could probably have an exhibition show at gallery r. Oh yah, Dennis Olsen got one of his prints into the IPCNY show, I don't remember if I had mentioned this already. He was pretty laid back and funny when we had dinner at Keith's a while back, I had just missed him at the gallery opening. (I saw his signature in the guest book right before mine.) The after hours party at the MET was great, sure there were a lot of people and whatnot but how often do you get to drink at an open bar and eat great food like a rockstar underneath the pyramids and monuments? We saw a chic red light party going on the way but we never made it back, it was for some fashion magazine I suppose. Friedhard is off to Europe this week, I have been working like crazy re-writing 4 color research from 2004-05 and have now finished 6 written tutorials and videos... much more to go but eventually it'll all come together; he will publish my work on nontoxicprint in a few weeks! John's thesis show is now up and the opening is on Friday, everything looks great. He cut down one of his painting for the show though, not sure about changing the format just to fit a frame or wall. (But it does look good.) Seulgi's show had happened over the last few weeks, many people are interested in buying her work... she's been working on a website too. I'm taking Sculpture for the first time, things are starting to become slow again, need to speed it all up and get back to work!

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