Friday, December 24, 2010

Hybridization: Happy Holidays

I am currently working on my artist statement, a few words need to be changed towards the final paragraphs, and I've yet to spell check... but it's coming along.

21st Century society allows a glimpse into the progressively evolving art paradigm that encompasses the rethinking and growing needs of our constantly transforming technological advancements.

In my work I look to explore and shift the possibilities of blurring the boundaries between medium, form, texture, and color. Having long been trained in the commercial production of traditional newspapers and magazines; where rubylith film and blue drafting pencil once reigned, I have developed an aesthetical sense and balance between more contemporary publishing techniques concentrated in digital manipulation and radical non toxic printmaking methods. I look to further converge the distinctions of prior established fundamentals, while re-appropriating methods for a dialogue of the current evolving trends and advancing technology of our times.

In an aim to better understand the evolution of the art world and my present day surroundings, I have come across the works of many great minds including Craig Owens, Duchamp, Rauschenberg, Baldessari, Kant, Freud, and Marcuse. The Sociological Perspective of life and history connect for me the variables of the past, present, and future, making many things transparent although sometimes complex; the accomplishments and discoveries of mankind are always found first in Nature. My innate curiosity and aspirations compel me to question the possibilities of the way different mediums can adapt and reflect the growing archetype of Hybridization found within our current and progressively advancing technological and Globalized Culture.

In the process of researching and developing techniques, my teaching philosophy and workflow has stemmed out of the practices of my time spent working in marketing and advertising for fashion and editorial companies where I had grown used to being surrounded and influenced by creative directors, photographers, models, stylists, writers, critics, and editors. It is this lifestyle that surrounded me in New York City while working for companies such as Armani, Hearst, Meredith, and Bonnier, which taught me the important advantages of having an appreciation for diversity in the complex world and apparatus of our Civilization.

I now look to submerge myself in discourse with my fellow artist contemporaries and colleagues who possess an insightful view into various forms of media and progressive communication trends; it is this collaborative effort of varied skills that drives the influences of my experimental Hybrids.

Hybrid forms leave artifacts of their distinct nature while at the same time becoming juxtaposed and integrated into a blurred visual aesthetic boundary between one medium and another. I work with materials that lend themselves to both two and three-dimensional environments, which at times become synonymous with their ability to morph into the potential of what I see within their infrastructure. I desire to reach a unified understanding of my environment, a challenge that I hope to never attain while holding truth to the crucial importance of questions over answers.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Miami Art Basel

4 color 24" x 36" Inversion Intaglio Types

My life as of late has consisted of updating my resume, working on my artist statement, and testing out a few oversized 4c prints! I'm at Leah's place and Eder (from Brasil) is coming over so we can all hang out with Christina; I guess Rachel from Thunder Body is coming over too. I've also recently shipped my artwork for the Chastain Arts Center and Atlanta Printmakers Studio juried show that I was selected for! ~Happy Holidays

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

:: Everlast ::

The Holiday break is approaching, updates soon... 1. Art Basel Miami 2. Almost Dying in the parking lot. 3. New prints!!! 24" x 36" 4Color

Friday, December 3, 2010

Art in South Beach Miami

So far I've been to a few art galleries Nada, Art Miami, Scope, Red Dot, and tomorrow Art Basel. I love the culture here and hearing Spanish in the background, the Caribbean is something that I always miss. I was at a few events last night in Wynwood over by NW 25th street; I saw Jonathan Levine and bumped into Andrew Lockhart who is now working on his project Anonymous gallery. It was good to see Andrew, he taught me many lessons in my first year of life in NYC, I remember he told me about how one sometimes has to have a mask and that there are nights when one needs to wear it to make oneself impenetrable to everything around them; sometimes this is all a game, be careful.

There is just as much bullshit here in Miami than in any other place I've been... I'm not really impressed with some of these parties, but I've only been here a week or so; Besides, it's not about that right now. I probably just don't have the patience for these things at the moment. Anyways, I hear Art Basel is not that good, but I'll know for myself soon; word on the street is that "Art Miami" is much more impressive. I was at Nada, which was OK but Art Miami was the best... Sometimes I don't know what to look at more, the artwork or all of the people. These types of events attract a diverse and international crowd, it's always fun seeing something new and interesting. John, Kevin and I are staying over Diego Rivera's place, he's fun... pizza is here, more later.

Ok, I'm back... But I'm in Rochester, it's December 22nd, everyone is gone for the holidays! Of coarse, I'm here, I'm always here in the studio. So, David Cooper has been doing well, he did a huge mural for Trendy Studio over in the Wynwood district; it's great to see his recent success. I remember David's illustrations from when we worked over at Meredith publishing, Siempre Mujer; I love his work on this large scale. Since returning home I've been working on some large 4 color prints, I also was recently selected for a juried international show over in Atlanta. I have to catch up on a bunch of writing because I was really sick a few days after I got back from Miami. I got stuck in a snow storm and turned around when I got to Park Point. I stayed in the studio on the couch and thought I could try to sleep it off but it was like the time I got sick on new years a few years back in NYC. (I'll spare the details.) I didn't want to miss New Forms so I thought I'd make it but finally decided around 4:30 AM "Fuck this, I'm not a little kid." So I finally made it to the car and overheated like crazy, there was no way I would have made it back to the school from the parking lot. I had already thought I was going to pass out on the way down and I finally did in the car. I seriously thought I was going to freeze to death and die.

I'm taking Forms of Inquiry and a few other classes, Art Gallery Management is a fun group of people; nothing too new or anything I haven't been around already but it's a great time to hang out with my friends.