Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Atmosphere Decons

I was recently selected to be in the faculty/student invitational show for the grand opening of the downtown Gallery r location. After so many years, it was nice to finally show alongside Keith Howard, my professor, mentor, and friend. Bernie took the photo, she was recently accepted for the IPCNY show in NYC so that was great to hear!

I have been trying to juggle thesis exhibition work, writing, job research & applications alongside my crazy schedule and personal life. I guess this is what everyone goes through... It's frustrating, I do not enjoy "finishing" work for the sake of deadlines, I do not feel sometimes that my final prints/drawings are completed as I would like... but again, I'm sure every artist goes through this. (I most certainly am not an exception.) There's so much crap that I produce that never gets shown anywhere: ideas, notes, experiments. Countless experiments, they have always been part of my nature. Piecing together and taking apart...

I have been creating and learning more and more about book binding... Books, although geared towards aesthetics are quite functional. I really enjoy sitting down and figuring out how to put together a book that potentially has some kind of purpose. It can be considered art, but not necessarily. So when I am done, there is no question of its authenticity. Bookbinding right now equals meditation.

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