Sunday, July 25, 2010

I haven’t written since last week, but that’s not unlike me since I think more than I write, and I’m surprised to be doing this at all. I used to leave notes of thoughts everywhere, but it became too much. I’d find them here and there and get frustrated because I couldn’t keep up and I would lose them all over the place. I suppose at times it’s the actual act of writing that I enjoy, as well as the questions brought about by doing so.

Last week I was in Puerto Rico and had been spending a lot of time at different beaches… Tropical get away clear sandy ones; As well as spending time in trashed landscapes, sea glass filled rocky coastlines, and simple local overlooked/unnoticed patches of charcoal-brown sand and bluish-green salted waters. I enjoyed all of them! (Even the one occasion where I had to toss out six cans of “Coors Light” beer that I found by my feet.) Which reminds me, yesterday I was out at a lake party with Kim and I was on the swings and had gotten dizzy, and of course I eventually left, but more due to the fact that two girls half my age started swinging too. I wonder how water can leave one feeling so empty when consumed by it. I recall Freud expressing his thoughts on the matter, using words like Oceanic Sublime and questioning one’s significance when confronted with something so Vast and greater than oneself. I spent much of today with headaches and reflecting over M Theory and Parallel Dimensions/Multiverse. (These are things that I cannot speak of with most people; The last time was at my cousin’s poker game, but they were all WPI engineers. We had great conversations about the Anunnaki, Planet X, government policies, and the possibility of the Universal.)

You know, Harvey Pekar passed away about a week ago. The first time I had heard of him was through Darryl Ayo. He was obsessed with making it on time for the opening and we were hauling ass just to get there, (Lol) we were the first to make it to the Little Theatre. That’s how I had found out about American Splendor, before I had ever even heard of Daniel Clowes. (I was never really into comics much, except for a little mainstream stuff when I was a kid.) Until Ayo got me into seeing it all from behind the scenes, he told me “All real comics people hate Roy Lichtenstein.”

PR has such tasty food, but my current mood doesn’t allow me to even begin to try and express how great it all tastes because it’s not like you’d be able to savor the moment. And food, like aesthetics can be quite simply dependent on something better left to experience. Maybe you don’t even like certain types of food, so It’d be even less of a reason to read about it; I just know it was really good!

While I was driving home from the beach I got stuck in a LONG line of traffic, there was a dead body lying next to a Mercedes on the cement pavement in the Guayama area gas station. The news the next day was that it was a drug deal gone wrong. The guy was supposed to drop off the money at “Un Punto,” but he unwisely decided to take off with the money himself. (The drug dealers had someone watching him the whole time.)

I hope that mankind can balance technology and modernization in the future with open-mindedness towards the diversity of national cultures and the notion of a Universal society. (I guess people should watch movies more often, even if just to have an impression of Imagination for two hours.)

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