Wednesday, August 18, 2010

:: Graffiti Sunrise ::

I undoubtedly have one of the best apartments in the city; I only hope that I can afford this place for a long time to come. I sit at the top of the building facing the North side; where I have an open view of the late evening sky and courtyard. I can imagine lively things, as I just saw three double-decker bikes, and hear on occasion a swear or two from the traffic below. LUX is at my service along with the great streets that lead to the center of downtown.

This Monday turned out GREAT; I met a new artist Eder Muniz from Brazil! It poured rain all morning but it turned out to be a much better day than was expected. Christina, Lea, and I headed out to the Graffiti bike tour over at the Contemporary Art Center, the trip consisted of 1. The Legal Wall 2. St. Joseph’s Neighborhood Center 3. Broad St (Abandoned Subway) 4. Clifford St. (FUA) I had heard of but never actually had been to the legal wall before, it reminds me of a much smaller “Fun Factory” from Queens. After the ride I ended back over on South to meet up with Eder, who Lea happens to be neighbors with. (He’s actually going back to Brazil at the end of the week.) It’s funny how things sometimes work out. He probably spent about 3hrs on this wall project, during which I met Ant. (A local all around.) I watched him spray layer upon layer of paint… And every time I thought E. was almost done, he’d add something else which made it all work even better. It was the first time I ever really sat around and saw a piece being developed. On the good days its something I might one day hope to aspire to.

When I first got there he was working fast, but as soon as he put up the sun, it stopped raining and the clouds parted. (I swear I’m not making shit up.) Ant and me thought it was pretty funny. People kept stopping by to look around, but E. for the most part was in this mode where he just kept going without any real breaks for water or anything. His style has changed a lot since the last piece that he went over. It turns out his father in law has been down to Salinas before too, on sabbatical. I hope to see more of Brazil in the year that he comes back, seems like a real chill guy.

I can’t get enough of these streets; I’d be out there even more if it weren’t so hot in the last few days. Today wasn’t bad at all, but I still have a lot of errands to run before RIT starts, I’m on the final count down.

There are lots of things that go on in the South Wedge… All this weekend there is a tattoo convention down town, Wedgestock, and a few other art related events. I wonder who I’ll bump into when I get back into the studio. I need to balance discipline with the 19 year old me. I remember when David Jay Reed told me something like, “I used to be like you (non-stop) but I’ve slowed down now that I’m older.” Wherever I end up, if I have to make it happen now, then I’m all in. I can’t wait for later, I’ve waited long enough. I’ve been playing catch up for most of my life… Heinz said he was a late bloomer too, I wish he was around; he always understood what I am about.

This Monday I finally get a bed… A Queen! I’ve been sleeping on the floor for the last few weeks, without an air mattress or anything but a thin quilt. Honestly, this kind of stuff never seems to be a big deal to me. My dream machine status has gone up and intensified. Perhaps it’s my body reacting to the nearby sounds of the city, I really don’t find the faux wood floor all that uncomfortable. Three windows full of light line my wall, much better than that one window box I had in Manhattan facing the dingy brick wall.

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