Friday, August 20, 2010

Seventy-Seven Degrees

This Wedge that I will soon be accustomed to calling home is full of character and small surprises. At times I feel less safe than in NYC, but perhaps it’s simply due to the lack of intoxicating and overwhelming hives of people through out my day here. At LUX I am stopped by the door man, “You should grow out your hair again, and I’d never have to card you.” (Referring to the Afro on my New York, NY license.) I am slowly but surely to at least make acquaintances, and I hope that my artwork will someday make me even more comfortable here. I want to become part of my environment, and go beyond simply being an inhabitant. There are stories here, I just want to listen and take part, even if at a distance.

I love the cool air by my window; the nighttime breeze is comforting and familiar, wherever I go. I am very fortunate to have been able to secure my studio here on South Avenue... I’ve surely won a prize. Classes are only a week or two away, and I will be at a fast pace for sometime. However, when at such a high velocity, things seem to slow down and almost become variables to solutions. So I hope that I will take advantage of my time here and catch up on my being away for so long at the press.

I must type. I must flow along with my thoughts. Both Conscious and Unconscious.

I’ve yet to find a muse of any kind. And I am currently trying to think less of romanticized thoughts of one who is far away and whom I have come to fall for in part by word and beautiful ideology; to admire so much the thoughts and opinions of someone who desires the most amazing experiences out of this world. To see in light the good, bad, and ugly. (Clint Eastwood) I’ve always appreciated questions more than answers, I feel this will always hold true.

If I were to ever achieve a color palette, I would say that I hope to one day live as the Autumn colors which progress almost into Winter’s Purple. It is there that I am most happy.

If I do only have one chance, I have to make the best of it.

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