Sunday, November 21, 2010

Waterbased Inks

I'm sitting in the printmaking studio, trying to finish up my Non Toxic Workbook... It's all been laid out and designed but I want to redo some of the prints. (Have to make it Sparkle!) I dropped off John at the airport last night, he's on his way to Atlanta; Scott took off to Philly, while Eddie C. is going to Australia. I will be here, working away in the studio It'll be great and I'll probably get together with Maasa and other international students for Thanksgiving. We were at Keith's for dinner on Friday, Susan Rostow came down from New York City to demonstrate Akua for a conference nearby. It was great to finally meet her, I've been using her inks since they came with blue lids, and have helped research them when I began here in 2002; they have come a long way! I remember never seeing them around, but they have since gained popularity and people are starting to except them. I would put my Non Toxic and Waterbased work up against any traditional form of Printmaking any day. She gave me some tips on using the Silver color inks so I am eager to begin experimenting with them again! We had salmon with broccoli, potatoes, squash, and some great wine of coarse... Keith said you can win over a lady with this prepared dish Lol. Friedhard is also coming down from Chicago in January, so we'll be working on more of our etching techniques then. Art Basel is just around the corner, Miami here we come!

Seul-Gi was just accepted into the Lester, UK small print exhibition I'm really happy for her... she's in Indiana for the break but I'll be right here when she gets back; time will tell.

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