Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I've been up since 6:30 and finally had a chance to meet up with Lavon for a studio critique. All artists have their highs and lows, ultimately I have to live with my own decisions. I try to learn from every place, person, and struggle that I encounter. Last night I was at Boulder Cafe with les triplettes de belleville listening to ambient sound machine keyboards and cellos... Even in this I can take away something to add or reflect off of my work. Kevin said he was thinking of layers through out the entire performance. Last night I dreamt of glass paintings, motion over panels, and illumination. This world I belong to is give and take, it's a submersion of everything you're most passionate about, it's not an easy path to understand even for those of us who live it. I need to continue concentrating on the exploration of ideas and mediums, without being too critical of what I am supposed to be doing, or more better put what others believe I should be doing.

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