Friday, September 3, 2010

Gallery. Walls. Crumble.

Tonight seems like a good time for reflection. I am tired, what a great feeling. It’s like right before you take a shower from a long muddy filled day. Agua Dulce.

I’ve been going out for the past few carefree nights, inspiration from the streets overflow my mind, live it, be out there. Life doesn’t always just simply come to you, knocks at the door are rare, but “Hi.” can surprisingly go a long way. Compliment the genuine strikes of influence that come across your path.

I love to see the life that surrounds me; the faces, colours, and rhythms which bounce off of everything. These changing rhythms are intoxicating at times, they are genius in the purest form, I love to see them flow.

The graduate orientation at RIT was very unexpected, what great representations of culture. I saw people from all over the world, they were all so interesting, The welcoming committee panel had a few very well spoken and independent forward thinking speakers. (The British accent brightened up the room.) The night led to playing dominoes and hanging out with my new Dominican friends, all 20 of them. Such friendly and welcoming people… Victor is a fun character, we mesh well, the independent film duo. Reiner, Guillermo, Fernando, Clemente, what great names, these are lovely people. I hope to see more of them, perhaps salsa dancing is in the near future.

I met a girl named Maasa from Tokyo, what a small world. It turns out she went to school ten minutes away from my family’s house in MA. Not only that, but tonight I came across a photographer (Manuel) whose family is actually from Puerto Rico. (Very close to Aguirre.) We shared stories of the streets and buildings, what fun! His photos capture moments from all over the world. Poverty. I’ve always found it quite sad and yet surprisingly full of the most filled smiles I’ve ever seen. Hard faces. Raw worked hands. Sadness. Beautiful. Real World.

The gallery spaces downtown are interesting; you just have to find the right places to go. Even the wrong places can be the right places on opening nights; it’s about the show, the people. I must see and experience more of what is out there, forever reflecting until my death. I must keep a watchful eye in order to keep from a slumber of mundane and mediocrity. I will go see the artwork again, (Maybe this time with Victor.) I always like to go back, it's important.

John Remo is a fun guy, we saw his work in the Arts and Cultural Council print show, across from Booksmart Studio. I think his gestural line work is wonderful and hope to see more of his colours.

I’m looking forward to the studios, and yet am intimidated by their plain walls.
But not for long, I will fill them. Art. Can you really make art? Sometimes It all really falls on a personal level for me. It’s my thoughts, hopes, dreams, aspirations… On the good days. It’s about questions and childish wondering. Unanswered thoughts and both miscellaneous and slight recollections. (What drunken words come from my window at night.)

Perhaps I should have traded shirts with the woman at the gallery, but I was wearing one of my favorites! Next time. Dinner awaits. Conversations.

Time will tell. Must find the right formula.

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