Saturday, September 11, 2010

all the bells and whistles

I have been thinking that it may perhaps be best to pull the inspiration for my Thesis from my interests and experiences of the last few years. Many of these interests play on the idea of Hybridization, the questioning of gallery space, permanence, street art, and political awareness… I miss the fast pace of NYC! I never took many pictures while living in Manhattan but I do have a few and remember the day I made a point to record my surroundings in order to not forget the feeling that makes up such a unique place. I’ve been frustrated with Rochester’s slow atmosphere; some of my classes are too familiar and amateur, especially Serigraphy. However, it’s only the first week, I must be patient with myself. (It’s quite possible I have some type of attention disorder.) I remember in class how one student explained a scenario represented by variable letters; I was surprised because I too have used the same words in order to explain things, but no one ever understands what I am talking about.

I would like to combine one of my glitch/deconstructive video projects with some prints. John made a good suggestion to replicate my jellyfish video as Intaglio types, using the same aesthetic style. (I found this to be a great suggestion; the only thing that other people told me was that it was sweet.) My thesis should have a message or at least make a respectable question that invokes an inner response. Questions in many ways are more valuable than answers. Answers are sometimes quite boring. If my work is to be Aesthetically pleasing or “candy” like, is it at least something different? I need to push the boundaries of simple charms. Does it convey anything?

Maybe I should consider the Sublime or Colossal, but why?

I remember Tom’s thesis show with the erased chalkboards, I thought they were great but nobody really seemed to notice. Communication. I have to have self-discipline; I should start getting up early. Maybe 4:30? Perhaps (Post) Modernism is something we’ve had all along. It’s really just questioning and understanding the past in the context of the present along with the potential of the future. Art movements aren’t really labeled until after they happen anyways, so what’s (Post) Modernism? Maybe it’s the amateur’s chance to succeed. Enlightenment is an Elitist privilege. I don’t see how there can be much PM in a country like Africa that lacks infrastructure. Commodity. How long does this Thesis have to be anyways, I wish they would just give me an outline or something. I saw Fran with someone’s work and it was about almost three quarters to an inch worth of papers. I don’t understand why art needs to be explained at all. Isn’t it supposed to be open for interpretation? I hate describing and working in front of people, at least most of the time. It takes away from the magic of the studio, it changes the perspective of things. It’s the faded AWWWEEE from when you reveal the secret of your magic tricks.

What a SCAM. $$$$$$$

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