Sunday, September 5, 2010

My first post from iPhone may be something that is more to come, most likely with late night thoughts. But as of this morning I was woken up by the sound of car horns and an argument that's been going on outside my window for the last 20 mins. "You pulled my hair!"

A few things that have been on my mind... Karen pointed out an interesting observation on installation art. I was talking about Murakami and how some of his paintings really feel more like dizzying consuming environments. And she had mentioned how some people think that if you put up a painting or series of things that it becomes an installation. The conversation led to the questioning of environment and site specificity. If your installation is the same no matter where you put it up (without it having considered or responded/commented on it's environment) is it still just a paintin or simply sculpture?

I bought a 30 x 48 canvas out of it being on sale... Which has brought up the question of the Canvas itself. I won't get into galleries at the moment but in comparison to street art where one creates an image on almost anything imagineable or accessable, canvas seems to me almost outdated or limited in a way. Why not paint on paper,plexi,copper? I suppose I question these things for the same reason I started doing four color intaglio on PETG plates, not because I was so concerned with registration but rather because it was cheaper than purchasing copper. You come to question the traditional standards and materials of "Art" when you realize that their products come from an overpriced Capitalistic consumer world. Paint on cans, boxes, tinfoil... Run your car over a puddle of paint and see how far you can leave your mark, maybe you can make one longer than Rauschenberg.

I remember Ayo had made a joke once that caught fire, "I'm 27, all of my Dreams are Dead!"

I feel as though
I've lost what was never mine to begin with, and I will never have what is mine to come.

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