Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Concentrate. Concentrate. Concentrate.

Let me first reflect on the good during my frustration to remind myself why I came to RIT in the first place. Already, I am looking forward to the class discussions in my (Post) Modern history class, there are a few distinguished students that raise interesting observations, nothing quite new from what I am familiar with at the moment, but rather quite complimenting and refreshing. I find that those particular outspoken individuals have specialized interests that may vary from mine and they therefore have a better understanding of particular mediums or certain contexts of social settings.

I should get to my readings for now, but as to my frustrations... I hate wasting time, I do enough of it on my own and would rather not discuss trivial things like why my studio is in painting, why is it that I am by undergraduate students, am I distant from the graduate students? So many little things that shouldn't matter to anyone but me for the most part so I won't go on, but will answer a few of those thoughts to remind myself why it is I'm here in the first place.

I am actually quite particular to little details, perhaps it's my interest of learning combined with my personal character and training as a visual graphic designer.

1. My studio is adequate in size to work in the scale of my interest. (It's by FAR not the largest.)

2. I loved the lighting, I have two clear and open lights above my space, as well as a flood light just outside my wall which compliments my work environment.

3. Being a graduate student I will always be around my peers and make/have time to share with them, I don't wish to segregate myself from the underclassmen. I like to keep an open-mind, in this case I have access to both worlds, and that's how I like it.

4. Painting is Printmaking; Printmaking is Painting (I'm not going to go into detail or explain because It's somewhat subjective and I don't expect everyone to see things as I do.) I'd rather have a discussion in person and not type behind a computer screen when it comes to this matter. (I don't need to understand my own opinion, it's already mine.)

5. I like to be a little distant, it's good for reflection. I don't want to be entirely submerged. In my own way I'm already submerged and trying to figure out things steps away, you just don't see it. I am always watching and am quite sensitive to my surroundings, you just don't always take notice. I need to learn more, I am making up for wasted time, I feel so far behind.

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