Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the ideas of before and after

(Post) Modernism seems to have a handle on everything like some kind of Enlightenment. A formula for A - Z and all that is in between; being able to connect all the letters at will with a mastering of the entire process and progression of mankind. Information at your fingertips can be a powerful thing, but you need tools, ideas, and perhaps a little imagination. I see hybridization becoming the new medium of the future, everything will mix and seem seamless. At times, my aesthetics seem to show the blur, Andy used to leave a mic within the frame or wiggle the camera so you would know what you were looking at. Registration marks give you insight, off registered plates... I'm back in the studio again, I could use an assistant when it comes to working on a larger scale. I'm still trying to balance out my reading, studio work, and TA hours. Art supplies and books are expensive, I should look into actually selling work instead of it accumulating underneath my bed. It would be in my interest to really develop a system for getting my prints and paintings into shows and networks. However, I feel it's more important to simply concentrate on the work, I have to produce, and do it well; do it Naturally.

I gave Adair one of the prints I was working on, hopefully it finds her doing well in NYC. A few people took interest at LUX. I'm glad my windows face the tree line, I'm looking forward to Fall, it's my favorite season. Everything here is slow! It's pleasant but can kind of get frustrating at times, it's probably just me. I feel like I'm losing so much time.

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